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The following are the latest films and episodes of TV shows updates on projectfreetv. To watch, click any of the name of the episode or movies. Then, choose the host or source you prefer to use. There's a lot of choices to select that provide great videos with less ads.

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Watch popular series online free. Check every season of the popular shows in projectfreetv only at sWatchSeries. These shows are not hand picked by project free tv rather they gain popularity based on the numbers of click they receive from the visitor of the website. Those who gain more followers and visitors gain the highest spot in the list. If you want your most loved shows to be on the top of the list, just follow each episode of the series, leave comments and like it every time it airs its newest episode. I believe there's a lot of people that like you how love to watch free TV all the time so in just a matter of time, your favorite series will definitely gain popularity if it is really good for everyone to watch. You can also share your favorite series to your social media accounts so that other people will know your preferences in TV entertainment.

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The following are some of the comedy series or funny shows that will surely bring smiles and laughter to your faces. Series featured in the site are presented by popular comedians and great artists of our time. Laugh out loud here at and radiate your happiness to everyone. Don't forget to share those smiles to your friends by sharing this site. Don't forget when it comes to laughter and fun, visit, the project free tv and watch series portal for everyone in any sizes, gender and preferences.

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The following are some of the horror series here at ProjectFreetv. If you prefer to be scared than to laugh then these shows below are for you. Composed of series that will surely bring scary thoughts, shocks and hair raising experiences. Check the most popular horror series here and see why sWatchSeries fans want to watch horror series like these TV series.

What is ProjectFreeTV?

ProjectFreeTV originated as an online portal for TV shows and movie streaming in the early days of online streaming. The website provide a free link for everyone to watch series online for free but does not host any videos as it claimed. Since most of its content are user contributed which mean video links were shared and provided by the followers and users of the site. When it reached its end of life after several issues it faces through the years, a lot of projectfreetv clones came to life claiming to be the new Project Free TV site. If you will trace back the original site, there's no trace remain online but some sites are designing their online TV and movie streaming sites with the same as the original concept of project free TV. This site, sWatchSeries is not a copy or cloned of the latter, rather the site was inspired by the concept introduce by this classic streaming site. was built with the convenience and comprehensive film and TV content in mind. The site is updated daily and fresh content are provided so that users will never get left behind of what is latest in television and theaters today. Not as a projectfreetv site but yet another place where you can watch series online and view movies free. Never miss any entertaining content by bookmarking today!