About WOKE

In the tradition of such films as "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" and "Disturbing Behavior", comes WOKE, the new film from Writer/Director Bobby Canipe Jr. WOKE follows Claire (Anna Clary), a young girl struggling with the recent loss of her mother, as she discovers something strange is going on with the guy across the street (Jason L'Esperance). With her friends Razz (Ryan Martel), Trent (Daniel "Skritt" McLemore}, and Harper (Briana Williams), they must band together, while dealing with their own personal issues, to stop an extraterrestrial creature from controlling everyone in their neighborhood including themselves, but is it already too late? Stars Anna Clary, Rudy Ledbetter, Bobby Canipe Jr., Jamie Apple, Kellen DeRuy, Ryan Martel, Jason L'Esperance, Tyree Hoffman, Paul Bradford,

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