Pandora (2024)

About Pandora

Ray (Philip Broadbent) is a washed-up musician with nearly nothing left to live for. Only the broken-down relationship with his daughter Joanna (Lydia Lakemoore) keeps him going. Plagued by insomnia Ray drinks to numb the flashbacks of another life; a life that had a future, where a daughter loved her father, where his wife lived on. Determined to change before he loses Joanna too, Ray takes Pandora, a mysterious sleeping pill from the dark web. It works. Then Ray wakes to a nightmare he could never have imagined. From the shadows of Ray's tormented life now come new demons. Demons that are not in his head. Demons that want revenge. Stars Philip Broadbent, Lydia Lakemoore, Joanne Mitchell, Sean Needham, David McClelland, Phil Chadwick, Vin Hawke, Kerry Ely, Jonathan Dahl, Craig Fletcher, Joanna Bright, Jasper Bright, Roy Bright, Princess Jordan, Raeanne Collier, Rozalla Miller, Bexi Owen, Connor McCormick, Harry McCormick,

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