About Lean into Love

When beauty brand Bloom decides to close its flagship store and focus on online sales, content creator Jenny must find a way to deal with the backlash from their loyal fanbase and spin the news into a positive thing via their social media. On top of that, Bloom is pivoting to eco-friendly products and a wellness angle, so Jenny spends the seaside corporate retreat in Miami trying to capture the “life” in “work/life balance.” Her drive to achieve clashes with the chill vibe of activities director Nate. Sparks fly between these two as Jenny realizes Nate is a thrill-seeker who has work/life balance figured out, but there’s one problem… he’s the brother of her boss. Stars Ansley Gordon, Jonathan Stoddard, Sarah Malfara, Meg Biddle Smith, Brianna Cohen, Sarah Elizabeth Wallis, Katherine Wright, Jovan Hayes, Jaime Brightbill, Alexis Baca, Matthew Keith, Hannah Nguyen, Mackenzie Thompson, Michael Hayward, Alexis Baca Hotel, Kiara Montreal, PreAsia Cooper, Matthew Keith, Dj Lorence, Jessica Mesnick, Noelle Morley, Katie Payne, Austin J. Rhodes,

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