About Hubcap

Rainy Lawson, has her hands full trying to fill her daddy's shoes as Sheriff in the conservative mountain county of Gibson, Georgia. Her life gets more complicated when reports surface of a supernatural killer, rumored to be a hubcap. Can Rainy keep at bay her political opponents, unravel the mystery of the hubcap killings, honor the memory of her father, navigate advances of her many suitors, all while coping with the PTSD from her military service? Stars Ash Hamilton, Rudy Eisenzopf, Quinn Bozza, Adam Boyer, Carter Burch, Holly Morris, Roxzane T. Mims, Christina Leidel, Christian Brunetti, Denise Hillis, Erika Chase, Matthew R. Horton, Will Cone, Raquel Tomas, Spencer Mumford, Amy Tallmadge, Chris Burns, Michael Colley, Ben Silver, Noah Jackson Boyer, Ondie Daniel, George Wentworth, Berklee Millican, Charity Hitchcock, Raegan Millican, April Tweedy, Dick Mays, Dianna Avena, Andrew Crane, Richard Lanford, Rasheeda Isaac, Joey Avena,

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