About Dylan’s New Nightmare: An Elm Street Fan Film

Dylan's New Nightmare acts as an unofficial sequel to Wes Craven's: A New Nightmare, one of the most unique and high concept installments to the Nightmare on Elm Street Franchise. This short film picks up 25 years after the events of New Nightmare and follows Dylan Porter (Miko Hughes), the young son of Heather Langenkamp, now a grown man trying to make his way in the world his parents raised him in-Hollywood. Little does he know that the evil entity known as Freddy Krueger is back, and eager to once again break into our world through the son of his favorite victim. Stars Miko Hughes, Dave McRae, Cynthia Kania, Diandra Lazor, Ron Sloan, Reavis Dorsey, Courtney Fishell, Sarah Schultz, Andrew Mercer, Michael Onak, Kevin R. Phipps, Josh Schultz, James Blaylock, Robert Duell, Jaime En Fuego, Knightly Giaimo,

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