Deadly Cheer Mom (2022)

About Deadly Cheer Mom

High school cheerleading captain, Beth, has her world turned upside down when salacious videos of her smoking and drinking circulate around the school resulting in her being kicked off the squad. Beth insists the videos are fake, but nobody believes her. To get her life back on track, Beth must catch the culprit behind the videos and prove her innocence. As she delves into her own investigation, all signs point to the person she least suspected. Stars Mena Suvari, Karla Mosley, Tommi Rose, Alie Urquhart, Ashley Scott, Alexa Sutherland, Aleia Theriza, Grace Patterson, Jazzy Kae, Matthew Sato, Mercedes Colon, Lawrence J. Hughes, Julia Sanford, Jacqueline Walker, Kaylin Mally, Cassie Tauer, Hannah Hueston, Alexandra Quint,

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