Against All Enemies (2023)

About Against All Enemies

Over one thousand people have been charged with storming the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021, as part of a widely televised insurrection attempt. Approximately 15% of them worked as police or military personnel. This staggering statistic begs an important question: how can a service member who took an oath to protect the countryโ€™s democracy do something that puts that very democracy in jeopardy? Stars Peter Coyote, Stanley McChrystal, Kathleen Belew, Ali Soufan, Kristofer Goldsmith, Stewart Rhodes, Eric Braden, Michael Breen, Jason Crow, Mikie Sherrill, Seth Moulton, Michael Washington, Randy Ireland, Simon Clark, Denver Riggleman, Esosa Osa, Bill Kristol,

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